About Berg & Berg

Our ambition with Berg & Berg is to create classic timeless products, made by the best manufacturers and using the finest materials. 

With a discerning eye for quality and lots of inspiration, we want to offer you the items that will be the future classics of your wardrobe. Our goal is that every Berg & Berg product will become a trusted friend: loved, cared for and enjoyed for many years to come. 

What would we like to wear ourselves?

Berg & Berg is a project of passion and we hope that our enthusiasm shines through in our line of products. Berg & Berg will always be a personal brand and when creating a collection, “what would we like to wear ourselves” is always the starting point.So, where does our owntaste take us? Basically in two directions. First, our Scandinavian background takes us to the basic items; the perfect solid tie and the classic tartan scarf. Simplicity and elegance. Never boring. 

However, as much as we love the pure classics, we also offer some more unusual items that might make your heartbeat even faster. A patterned cashmere knit tie, a paisley cashmere/silk scarf. The stuff that makes strangers want to feel your material.No matter which Berg & Berg product you choose our label is a guarantee that the item is made with love, inspiration and dedication.