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Our Factories

At Berg & Berg we are product people. It's the product - the design, the material, the construction, the craft - that makes us tick. We never work with large factories making a wide range of items in bulk, we choose to work with product specialist located in areas where skills and traditions for that particular product have been developed for centuries.
Our Factories

Real Relationships

We know all our manufacturers well, visit them regularly and work closely with them. Both to assure the quality of our products, but also to make sure that our products are made in an environment we can be proud of. It's not just the end result that matters - it's also how the end result has been achieved. To find the right manufacturing partners has been one of the most important elements in building Berg & Berg. 


A Network of Similar Minds

After almost ten years in this business we have developed a network of small, specialist manufacturers crafting our products. We often discover new partners based on a recommendations from one of our existing partners. We are proud of our small club of like minded people, still making clothing and accessories the traditional way. Because we work directly with manufacturers we have the possibility to offer the highest quality products at a fair price. We are not cheap by any means, but our value chain give us the opportunity to always offer great value for money.


Naples is Italy's centre of trouser production, from the famous bespoke tailors to the manufacturing of high end ready to wear clothing. Here we found our maker - a traditional manufacturer who focuses solely on fine trousers. Trouser development is complex, and to have an experienced maker working in tandem with the Berg & Berg designers secures a perfect fit.


At the foot of the Italian alps, just north of Brescia, we have partnered with a small, but highly focused and experienced manufacturer, who with great dedication makes all our shirts. This manufacturer represents a perfect combination of modern equipment and seamstresses who still know how to make a handsewn shoulder. Our shirt partner has helped us craft our new shirt fit and has developed our new signature collars in collaboration with the Berg & Berg team.


Best of both worlds - Scotland and Italy are the two main countries to go to for high quality knitwear. In Hawick, Scotland we work with one of the most famous knitwear and scarf manufacturers in the world. In Veneto, Italy, we work with a family company that specializes in fine merino and cotton knitwear. This gives us the possibility to create both rustic and more elegant knitwear for a wide range of occasions


All our products crafted from jersey fabrics - our polos and t-shirts - are crafted by a company outside Bergamo, located quite closely to our sock manufacturer Bresciani. This is no coincidence as this area is famous for its cotton and jersey production. We use their expertise both when sourcing the best jersey fabrics and when creating designs which utilizes these fabrics in the best possible way.


Our tailoring is made by a team of dedicated tailors in Puglia, on Italy's heel. To create our tailoring line has been our most complex product development task so far - and our creative director worked with the tailors for over a year to secure that all the major and minor details came out the way we wanted. To work with true specialists has been vital in achieving an end result we can be truly proud of.

Ties and Pocket Squares

Where else to go for ties and pocket squares but Como? The picturesque town on the edge of lake Como is Italy's nerve centre for silk productions. Spinning, dyeing and weaving as well as manufacturing accessories and clothing from silk has for hundreds of years been the main business of the city. Today tourism is another large income for Como. The city gets visitors from all around the world, who want to take in the views and perhaps go for a boat trip with a Riva on the lake.

We work with two different companies in the region, each with their own strengths and field of expertise. This is very far from conveyor belt production - many items are sewn by elderly ladies from the area, the only ones who still know how to make a traditional hand rolled edge.

We also work with a tie maker in Naples for some of our ties, the other city in Italy known for creating ties and accessories of the highest quality.


Biella is Italy´s centre for woven wool, the home of famous fabric manufacturers like Vitale Barberis Canonico and Loro Piana. In this Piedemontese town we work with a scarf manufacturers who is solely focused on woven scarves, mainly weaving from wool and cashmere yarns. Our popular zibellinos are made here, as well as rest of our woven scarves. Our printed scarves are crafted in Naples or Como by our tie makers.

Denim Trousers

We are particularly proud of our denim trousers, made in Sweden, our home country. Sweden has a great legacy within the textile industry, however, today only a few factories are up and running. The small factory in Gothenburg has only four employees and it requires over four hours to make one pair of jeans. Not more than 15 pairs can be manufactured per day. 


Berg&Berg socks are made up with the finest natural yarns in Italy, by a maker with long traditions. We offer two classic models, a mid length version with a wide rib and a over the calf version with a slimmer rib.

Boxers and Pyjamas

To secure the highest quality standard for our boxers and pyjamas, we have chosen to have them made up by the same seamstresses that makes our shirts, crafted at the foot of the Italian alps from shirting cottons.

Cloths & Mills

We take pride in working with the best cloth manufacturers - often with mills that one rarely sees in ready to wear. For our suits, jackets and trousers we use cloths from Fox Flannels, Hardy Minnis, Carlo Barbera, Vitale Barberis Canonico, Kuwamora and many others.