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Denim - Made In Sweden

Sweden has a great legacy within the textile industry. Today only a few factories are up and running. We are proud to present our latest product to the shop - Arthur denim trousers made in Gothenburg, Sweden. A five pocket styled denim trouser crafted from a 12 oz Japanese yarn dyed selvage denim from Showa Co.,LTD.

Denim - Made In Sweden

Our Creative Director, Andreas Larsson, started his jeans project a year ago. The idea was to create a jeans model with a contemporary fit inspired by the rich heritage of classic style, but adapted to a modern world. A denim trouser with higher rise, more spacious fit and straight cut. Besides this, Andreas has always dreamed about not just designing clothes, but also producing clothes in Sweden. 


- Berg & Berg is a company that cares deeply about the quality and design of our products, about our customers and the people who make the products. Designing a great pair of jeans is not that difficult in itself. Trying to create a great pair of jeans, both designed and crafted in Sweden, that’s another story. When we found this small factory in Gothenburg, we felt that they were a perfect partner to help us turn this idea into reality, says Andreas Larsson.

After numerous hours of design work with different samples, the production of the jeans was started. Andreas searched for a long time after the perfect fabric for the jeans. Finally he found it at the textile exhibition Milano Uniqa. A Japanese fabric from Showa Co.,LTD - their finest Kojima denim, yarn dyed selvage fabric in 12 oz. 


The small factory in Gothenburg has today only four employees. It requires over 4 hours to make one pair of jeans and not more than 15 pairs can be manufactured per day. 

- We are very happy about this collection. As a Scandinavian brand we feel very proud to offer clothing not just designed, but also manufactured in Sweden. From one point of view this is an unique product: a pair of jeans developed and made in Sweden, crafted from a Japanese fabric. However, it is just a perfect pair of jeans, no bells and whistles, nothing fancy. Just like we wanted it to be, says Larsson. 

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