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Style Guide - Shirts

From crisp staples in white and light blue to bold stripes and eye catching Hawaiian prints. The Berg & Berg shirt collection balances classic influences with fresh & novel ideas about the shirt’s place in the modern wardrobe.
Style Guide - Shirts

- I really think the collection strikes a good balance between traditional Italian shirtmaking, Ivy League style influences and our Scandinavian background. In one way, we have taken our favorite elements of the shirts from the past and combined it with our ideas of how shirts should be worn in 2020 and beyond, Andreas Larsson, Creative Director of Berg & Berg says.

Looking at the current shirt collection it is quite clear that a large share has moved into a more casual territory. Denim, Hawaiian prints and looser, more casual fits are prevalent throughout the collection. 


- It was really evident last season, when our Japanese tartan checked shirts flew off the shelf first. It showed us that the way our customers are wearing their shirts has changed. It’s not only a mid layer anymore, a shirt can be the centerpiece in an outfit, Larsson says.

Even though Berg & Berg’s shirt collection continuously evolves, the focus on quality and craftsmanship is the same as it always has been. All shirts are made in Northern Italy by a small, but highly focused, dedicated and experienced manufacturer. What sets this manufacturer's work apart is their deep understanding of what it takes to make a great shirt and their incredible attention to details.

The button downs: Filip & Ferdinand

This season we have two different button down styles. Ferdinand is a classic Ivy League inspired shirt, with a chest pocket, locker room loop, box pleat and a wider, classic fit. Filip is a more Italian inspired button down, with a tapered, but not tight fit. Both models have the vital element of a great button down shirt, an expressive collar roll.



The classic dress shirt: Fabian

In the same tapered fit as the Filip model, Fabian is a classic dress shirt with a long, unfused turndown collar. Fabian is our most formal shirt model, comes in solid pinpoints & classic stripes and works great with a tie.

The modern western: Fernando

A turndown collar western inspired shirt with a classic fit and press buttons. This season Fernando comes in two shades of denim that are made to be worn and age with grace. While this model is casual at heart it pairs well with more formal items, like a pair of high rise pleated trousers in Fresco wool.

The Hawaiian: Folke

Our Hawaiian shirt Folke, is a perfect summer companion. With short sleeves and a camp collar, it’s definitely on the casual end of the spectrum. This model is available in two quirky and colourful patterns, printed on a Japanese blend of rayon and cotton as well as a more sober solid cotton seersucker alternative.

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