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Trousers' Anatomy

Our trousers are carefully developed to supplement each other. Through a variation of fits and design details, each model has its own identity and expression. Curious to know what really makes the difference between our styles? Explore the anatomy of Berg & Berg trousers.

Trousers' Anatomy


Alfons is a high rise trouser fit with flat front, side adjusters and one back pocket on the right side. The single back pocket makes tailoring alterations regarding waist width easier, since a potential adjustment won't be as obvious and prominent as if the trousers had two back pockets. The absence of pleats make these trousers ideal for someone who likes a more streamlined look with less details. No pleats also means that this model is slightly slimmer at the thighs in comparison to our other pleated models. 



Arnold features a high rise, side adjusters, one back pocket on the right side and single forward pleats. Forward pleats simply means that the fabric is pinched forward. The pleats give the trousers a beautiful drape - those hunting for a perfect crease should definitely consider our Arnold model. As with Alfons the solo back pocket makes tailoring adjustments easier. If the trousers need to be taken in our let out, the adjustment will not harm the total look and proportions.

Anton & Antonio

Anton & Antonio are based on the same block, Antonio could be described as the formal brother of Anton. Anton has belt loops and two back pockets while Antonio has side adjusters instead of belt loops and only one back pocket on the right side. Both models feature a higher rise and double reverse pleats. In addition to adding a stylish and slightly vintage flair, the pleats also provide more space around the thighs which can be beneficial for someone with wider legs and slimmer waist. Anton & Antonio are both ideal for those who seek a wider and more classic fit.



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