Fall/Winter Preview

Fall/Winter Preview

A first look at the new season.

New knitwear, trousers, shirts, ties, pocket squares and socks. The first fall drop offers texture, colours, great fits - and make us long for cool, crisp weather. Available from Thursday, August 17.

Knitwear: We have updated the fit of our merino sweaters – a higher armhole, slimmer sleeve and slightlty slimmer body create a more elegant fit. We believe this is a great leap forward for the merino line – feedback from customers has guided us in creating the perfect merino sweater. Our scottish made round neck lambswool sweaters now comes in both donegal and a few brighter colours – the solar yellow version has been a hit in the Berg&Berg team.

Hadrien (left) is wearing the new merino fit, Andreas (right) is wearing the new double zip cardigan, coming in September.

Trousers: The first drop comes with a wide selection of our Alfred, Alf and Arthur models. Alfred will for the first time be available in flannel and hopsack and Alf will be available in a mid wale corduroy, including our favorite colour – cream.

Alfred, our single pleat model, in grey flannel.

Shirts: We start the season with three important staples of the modern shirt wardrobe: Two great denim shirts with a wide, expressive spread collar and a bengal striped button down shirt. Note that this season´s button down collar is a new and improved larger model with an even better roll.

Hadrien is wearing the new denim shirt with a wide spread collar

Ties: A large selection of handrolled ties will be available. This season we are very excited about the new jacquard offerings as well as, of course, new madders, habutais and other printed silks. We are also excited to launch knitted ties in a 8cm width.

Scarves: For the first time we have a selection of printed cashmere scarves, as well as classics such as our classic zibellinos. We also have a nice selection of light and slightly heavier wool scarves.

Solid wool and printed cashmere scarves

Socks: Our sock collection, made by Bresciani, returns with a wide selection of styles and colours. New this season is the ultimate luxury item: cashmere socks. Decadence – the end is near!

Pocket Squares: We start the season with a few basics in plain linen and cotton.