Spring Tailoring

Spring Tailoring

After a successful first season, our tailoring line will soon be back for spring with updated fits and new fabrics.

We talk to creative manager Andreas Larsson about the new tailoring collection, soon back for spring with lighter fabrics and summery colors and textures. With updated fits our new tailoring line goes live on Tuesday, March 27.

Photo: Nima Akbari - jagarnima.com

So how was the first season of tailoring received?

We are really happy with the first season. I think our customers appreciated our effort to create something with a bespoke look and feel. In addition, we used a lot of fabrics that are quite unusual for ready to wear, which I know our customers liked. In fact, a large part of the collection was sold within the first 24 hours online, which suprised us quite a bit.

So what is new with the spring line?

We have refined our existing models. Our new Dan model is an updated version of Dag, with a more generous shoulder, higher armohole and a lower buttoning point for a better visual balance and comfort. Our double breasted Douglas model is quite similar to fw17, but with a few minor adjustments. Our suit trousers now feature side adjusters instead of belt loops.

What about the spring fabrics?

We are proud to work with Hardy Minnis of Huddersfield, England, and we think Fresco is the perfect summer suiting fabric. In addition we have several interesting summer fabrics from Carlo Barbera, Zignone and Vitale Barberis Canonico in the collection. 

What is your personal favorite?

I am a big fan of brown in town - the chocolate brown single breasted Fresco suit is a favorite of mine.