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Fit Guide: Tailoring

A full cut, generous length and soft pleated shoulders. Our tailored jacket models Dan and Dante are easy to wear but with a classic look and feel.


Dan is a new model this season. Compared with our previous models, Dan has a more generous upper sleeve that provides better movement. The shoulder is also rotated slightly forward to fit individuals with forward tilting shoulders better. The buttoning point is slightly lowered and the waist is somewhat more tapered. A smaller curved breast pocket and pleated shoulders adds to the overall look. The jackets feature a half canvas construction and can be combined with our trouser models Alfonso, Arnold, Anton and Antonio to create a full suit. Check out our trouser guides to learn more about fit and details.

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Our Dante model is made with a full canvas construction, soft pleated shoulders, a full cut, as well as a low gorge and buttoning point which gives the jackets a classic look and feel. Available this season it two English checked wool fabrics.

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