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Setting Sail

Fabian Ström, our marketing manager, has left the office for a few weeks of well earned vacation. After a spring searching for and finding his dream boat, he and his fiancée Kajsa are ready to embark on a summer adventure in the Stockholm archipelago.
Setting Sail

First, who are you? 

"I started working with clothes by the age of 15 and have never been able to stop digging it. Today I work as marketing manager at Berg & Berg and basically my job is to tell everybody what my great colleagues are doing."

Earlier this spring, you and Andreas went for a dockyard inspection, mostly because your colleague was keen on a boat. How come you’re the lucky boat owner now? 

 "Both my fiancée Kajsa and I sailed quite a lot when we were younger but none of us have ever owned a boat. And that day on the docks I really felt that I was missing the sea. So I came home, brought up the idea and three weeks later Kajsa and I were suddenly captains of an IF sailing boat!"


"It all went quickly and we asked ourselves what we had done, but now we are more than happy about it. It’s really fun to have this hobby together. We are both becoming sailing geeks and most of the conversations at home revolve around on how to fix, renovate, or improve the boat"

You seem deeply invested in this boat - what’s so special about it?

"The boat is call IF (Internationell folkbåt) and was designed by Tord Sundén in the 60s. It’s a Swedish boat and such a historical piece. This boat stands for so much - it gave ordinary people the ability to enjoy the sea and destroyed the stigma of sailing as something exclusively for posh people. Beyond that, it’s also an extremely fun boat to sail." 

So now when you’re on vacation, I guess you will not spend a lot of time back in Stockholm?

 "Oh no, the idea is to spend as many days as possible out on the sea. But the boat is pretty small, so normally we head home for a day or two to avoid claustrophobia (and wash clothes) between the tours."

Can you tell us some of your favourite spots in the Swedish archipelago? 

"Never kiss and tell! The best places I keep to myself. It’s like mushrooming, if you tell everyone else then suddenly it’s all gone! But last time we went to Säck, a fantastic place in the Stockholm archipelago. It’s very well known, so don’t expect to be there by yourself, but the spot is well worth a visit."

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