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About Us

Carefully considered, meticulously made.

For more than a decade we’ve been quietly building what we consider to be the perfect wardrobe. Through cut, proportion, and character we express ourselves, and communicate our particularly Nordic interpretation of style. Made always with care, every item is the result of intense scrutiny, thought, and deliberation. We expend a great deal of effort making clothes that appear effortless. 

Encompassing tailoring, casualwear, and accessories, the Berg & Berg offer is rooted in classicism, but never mired in the past. We’re inspired by the full silhouettes of the 20th century, but want to make clothing that feels modern, relevant, and – above all – easy to wear.

Founded in Oslo in 2009, and based in Sweden since 2012, we’re a small team of people with a deep appreciation for well-made staples: items that endure by virtue of their quality and timelessness, items that we ourselves wear every day.