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Fabric Guide: Selvedge Denim

This season we are using Italian selvedge denim for our Arthur jeans. Available in a classic indigo and a creamy ecru, our jeans are easy to wear with both tailoring and knitwear.
Fabric Guide: Selvedge Denim

The denim is substantial but not too heavy. The weight of the indigo version is 14,3 oz/485 gsm, while the weight of the ecru version is 12,4 oz/420 gsm.

"We looked for a denim fabric to suit the Berg & Berg style. That means something sturdy and long lasting, but we didn’t want something too rigid. We designed our jeans to be a natural match to a Billy knitted polo, a Dante tailored jacket or a Nisse raglan coat,” Andreas Larsson, creative director of Berg & Berg says.


Larsson stresses that while the jeans are easy to wear and match, he has some good care advice for every jeans wearer.

"Our indigo jeans are crafted from raw selvedge denim which means that your jeans might bleed at the beginning. Avoid pairing your jeans with white fabrics before washing them to prevent any blue stains on your clothes or furniture. If you want to hem your jeans it is a good idea to wash them once before altering the length, even though the denim is sanforized to reduce the amount of shrinkage. However, there is no need to wash the jeans too often, every 10 wears is enough,” he adds.

 One of the wonderful things about denim is that it only gets better with age.

“When your favorite pair tears, repair them! Jeans can easily be patched or sewn which will lengthen their longevity a lot. It also makes your jeans look more personal and unique,” Larsson adds.


PS! In the photo Andreas is wearing a new washed model, coming this fall.

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