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The Way Forward

We talk to BERG&BERG founder MATHIAS BERG and Creative Manager ANDREAS LARSSON about the company's development the recent years, and how they see the brand taking a leap FORWARD in the years ahead.
The Way Forward

What has been the most important development for you as a company the last couple of years?

AL: First and foremost that the focus has shifted from accessories to clothing. We have also developed a more focused stylistic identity and used a lot more time and resources on product development.

MB: Yes, we see that we get great result when we invest heavily in product development. Our new trousers, new shirts and knitwear models as well as tailoring have been very important for our growth and the perception of our brand.

AL: Trousers is now our largest category, our strategy of developing a range of high waisted, bespoke-looking trousers has been very successful.



What lies ahead with regards to product development?

MB: We are working on outerwear, which I believe has great potential.

AL: Yes, currently we are working on two models - both quite long overcoats - one double breasted model and a raglan sleeved model. We are hoping they will see the light of day soon.

MB: And there is a great totebag in development, too.

What about the accessories?

MB: Accessories, where we come from, are still very important to us. We are working in a more focused way with ties, scarves and pocket squares now - even better products, but a more focused selection.

AL: I think our accessories are more exciting now than ever. We are now developing almost all our tie fabric designs ourselves, rather than buying ready fabrics. Particularly our new jacquard patterns and stripes have been a welcomed addition to the collection.

What about this new webshop?

MB: Yes, we are very pleased to be able to present our products in a new and greatly improved setting. The site just looks so much better - and is a perfect backdrop for a new and updated Berg&Berg. We are also happy to finally being able to offer a great shopping experience on mobile devices.

What is BB & Friends?

AL: From time to time we discover products that we believe will fit very well into the Berg&Berg universe. We wanted to find a way to present items from other makers. A book we love, some elegant stationary - or like with the Valstar jackets, clothing from other makers that we love and respect.

MB: Yes, our own brand will always be our main focus, but BB & Friends is great way of putting our brand into a wider context.


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