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New Trouser Fit: Antonio

Classic styling and full cut. Meet Antonio, the latest addition to the Berg & Berg trouser collection. 

New Trouser Fit: Antonio

Our new model Antonio could be the new favorite for those who prefer for a wider silhouette with more room in the thigh and leg combined with classic details.

- Based on the success of our Anton model, we know many of our customers have been longing for more trousers with a wider fit. Our new full-cut Antonio model drapes beautifully and has volume without being bulky or baggy, says Berg & Berg Creative Director, Andreas Larsson.


The model features side adjusters and double reverse pleats. Design features that have been proven to be popular among Berg & Berg's customers.

- In one way Antonio is the more formal brother of our Anton model. By replacing the belt loops with side adjusters we have created a wide trouser with a classic, more dressed up look, Larsson says.

This season Antonio comes in two shades of fresco wool, the exact same quality as our tailored jackets (coming soon). This provides customers with the opportunity to choose between three different trouser fits when creating their suit.

- Depending on which trouser model you may prefer (Alfons Fresco Trousers, Arnold Fresco Trousers or Antonio Fresco Trousers), both the look and feel of the suit will be quite different. With Alfons you get a more streamlined look, Arnold a classic bespoke look while Antonio leans towards the vintage looks of the 1930’s, Larsson concludes.  

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