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A Closer Look: Tailoring

A full cut, generous length, soft pleated shoulders and a rolling lapel - our tailored jacket Dan is back. This season a new model, Dan Sport, is added to the collection, with a relaxed feel and barchetta patch pockets.

High Twist Wool

A staple of our spring/summer tailoring offering for several seasons already, our high twist wool cloth is airy, but not particularly light. We have taken care to develop a cloth that drapes well and feels substantial. These jackets are a joy to wear during warmer weather, but are also suitable for spring and fall. Available in four shades – chocolate, taupe, navy and gray – that can be matched with both Arnold and Antonio trousers. Our gray and navy cloths are woven in the exact same shade as previous years, so it is possible to complement previous purchases with trousers or a jacket to create a full suit.

Wool Gabardine

While our high twist wool has a crisp hand and matte look, our gabardine is smoother and denser. In some ways it is a more traditional suiting fabric with a deep luster and a lovely drape. The Dan Sport gabardine jacket is made up with patch pockets for a slightly more relaxed look, and can be paired with both Arnold and Antonio trousers. A team favorite this season is to wear the gabardine suit with one of our knitted polos or t-shirts.

Cotton Canvas

Our cotton tailoring is crafted from an English cotton canvas cloth, and can be paired with Alf, Arnold and Antonio trousers. Made to be worn casually, this cloth only gets better with age. We like to pair cotton suits with polos, knitwear or this season’s Fabian seersucker shirts.

Checked Jackets

The Dan Sport model is also available in two checked jacketing cloths -  a breezy wool/linen glencheck as well as a classic wool blackwatch. Both jackets are easy to pair with our trousers as well as our jeans. We like to pair them with our range of polos, both the short sleeved Tage and the long sleeved Ted polo.