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Running The Business

For Andreas Larsson, Berg & Berg’s creative director, running is a tool to boost idea creation and productivity. We met up with him at Kristinebergs IP, his local track, to discuss speed workouts, lunch runs and how running affects both his personal and professional life.

For those who might have missed - who are you?

According to my friends I’m a twenty-something with a mind of a 40 year old and I spend most of my time together with my wife and son. I have been working for Berg & Berg over the last five years and it’s been a fantastic journey for me, both personally and professionally.

Today you’re spending the afternoon on the track, is that just a coincidence or not?

I try to run intervals on track once a week to maintain and develop my speed, and the last year I've been running more frequently. I don't know if it's because of the pandemic or if it's a sign of aging. Feels like many men start to run by the time their hairline starts receding. But it feels great getting more aerodynamic thanks to evolution!

Besides making you faster, what do you like most about running?

Getting fast and fit is not the primary goal of running and it shouldn't be for amateurs like me. The best workouts are the ones getting done over time. Not only the first months of the year or as preparation for the beach. The energy kick back from the endorphins is out of this world and running helps me stay strong both physically and mentally even when sleep is lacking.

Would you say that running has a big impact on your job?

I’ve been working mostly from home over the last year, and have felt the need for a change of environment during the day to get new impressions. When I take a morning or lunch run, I feel much more productive the rest of the day. It's so easy getting stuck behind the desk, so it's very important for me to get out at least once a day to see something else than my kitchen table.

Do you think that running makes you more creative?

I’m not sure it’s making me more creative, but it does bring new ideas forward. I’m running solo 99% of the time which is a great way to get some alone time, sort ideas out and find new solutions without any external noise. I think running makes me a better team member, but also a better partner and father. Such a cliché, but so be it.