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Fabric Guide: English Flannel

Our English, old school, woolen flannel is back.

Last fall we introduced what we called our “dream flannel”. In cooperation with a reputable mill in Yorkshire, England, we created a rich, compact woolen flannel with beautiful color variation, fuzzy texture, classic look, soft hand and an old school substantial feel.

“The cloth has a kind of old world feel, it is a dense flannel which is not so easy to find anymore. The fabric creates trousers that drape well and hold a sharp crease - perfect companions for tailoring and casual outfits alike,” Andreas Larsson, creative director of Berg & Berg says.

Now the flannel, which quickly became a customer and team favorite, is back. Our trouser models Arnold, Antonio and Alfonso are now available in mid grey, charcoal and taupe flannel.

The cloth is made with 100% merino wool yarn, sourced from Australia and New Zealand. In order to achieve our flannel finish, the cloth is milled using the natural felting properties of wool. Next, a combination of machinery is used to accurately control the mechanical removal of residual water and then dried using a gas fired dryer. It is then cropped to remove the surface fibres to improve the look and performance, then stabilized using continuous high temperature setting to achieve a high level of continuity and permanent finish.

“The result is a flannel cloth exactly the way we want it. This flannel is a joy to wear, to touch and to look at,” Larsson says.