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More is More

Dynamic duo Henrik Ekberg and Zandra Lidén of the design studio and shop Esteriör bring flair and colour to the Stockholm interior scene.

What is the story behind Esteriör?

Henrik: Funny thing, the first time we met was exactly ten years ago today. I was the store manager of Stockholm vintage furniture store Brandstationen. Zandra came in and applied for a job - and I hired her right away.

Henrik: We worked together for four years, then in 2016 I really felt that we should branch out on our own. Zandra agreed, so we quit our jobs, founded Esteriör with the idea of adding color, shapes and personality to the Stockholm interior design scene.

Zandra: It helps that we are total opposites - I’m an optimistic extrovert while Henric is a grounded, realistic introvert. He’s from the mountains and I’m a city girl, I would say we are a perfect match.

How did you start out?

H: We did a lot of set design, homestyling and parties in the beginning and we also started a webshop selling vintage furniture.

Z: Then In 2018 we were looking for a new office and found this amazing space in Södermalm, with room for both an office and a shop floor. We fell in love and bought it. The business now has two divisions. An interior design practice - Esteriör Studio, and a retail store and online shop - Esteriör Shop.

Z: Our mission both with our shop and studio is to lead the fight against white, beige and grey, which we think is way too prevalent in contemporary interiors.

So you are not into minimalism, then? How would you two describe your style?

H: Damn right!  We believe in the power and the emotions that color, shapes and style bring. We simply think that a splash of color makes us happier and life more fun. 

Z: Our style is very eclectic and international. We love to mix and match both new and vintage, cheap with high end. We always add lots of plants too, the bigger the better, really. 

How do you think interior design can impact your clients' lives? How important are our surroundings for wellbeing, mental health and a good life in general?

H: This question is something we think about a lot! We believe that the impact our surroundings have on our mood is so underestimated. We want to give our clients a boost of energy.

Z: Last week we checked into a hotel in Paris. The experience of entering the hotel and room completely changed our spirit. Colours, lighting, the feeling of a room really affects our lives. We want our interior design clients and retail customers to feel the way we did in Paris.

How do you think the way we design and furnish our homes will change the coming years?

Z: The answer is simple: There will be more color, more personally curated pieces, both vintage and well made new designs. And of course - lots of plants.

H: I really think that sustainability will be on everybody’s mind, and that we move away from mass trends towards more individuality.

Rumor has it that before the pandemic, many unforgettable parties were held in your store after closing hours. Until next time - how do we get on the list?

H:  We love to throw parties and we hate that covid has prevented us from inviting our customers and friends. But now, when the situation in Sweden has improved, we will make a grand comeback. In November Esteriör Shop turns three and we will celebrate it with a bang!

Z: To get on the list, tell us your best dad joke or show us your best disco move. Or just visit the store, be nice - maybe throw us a compliment or two!