Our Brand

Berg&Berg was founded to create products based on the foundations of CLASSIC style, but from a MODERN, NORDIC point of view. We believe classic menswear has a great FUTURE, and want to take a role in building this together with our customers - style and quality ENTHUSIASTS from all over the world.

Product Enthusiasts

Berg&Berg is all about the products. Our love for classic style and traditional manufacturing methods is why we have chosen to work in this business. The cooperation between us and our network of specialist manufacturer in Italy and Scotland is truly the core of Berg&Berg. A modern eye and Scandinavian sensibilities combined with skills developed over centuries is to us the best of both worlds.

Value for Money

We strive to always create clothing and accessories that represent great value for money. We work directly with all manufacturers, and do not sell wholesale. This gives us the opportunity to always deliver high quality products at a decent price. We are not cheap, but we want our customers to know that they pay for the product, not for marketing and distribution.



Family Owned

We are a family business, founded and funded by Karin and Mathias Berg. We have no external investors, and can prioritize what we love - to create great products over short sighted profit goals.

We were founded in Oslo, Norway in 2009, and moved the business to Stockholm, Sweden in 2012. We are headquartered in an old fire station on Lidingö just outside Stockholm.

Small, Dedicated Team

The Berg&Berg team is small, but competent. Today, we are four professionals - Yoda, Andreas, Karin and Mathias working together in the company. We cooperate with a wide range of partners, most importantly our manufacturers who make our clothing and accessories - all based in Italy and the United Kingdom.

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