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Our Team

The Berg & Berg team is small but dedicated and competent. Today we are five professionals, Yoda, Andreas, Fabian, Karin and Mathias, all working together to build the future of Berg & Berg.

Our Team

Karin & Mathias

Karin and Mathias founded Berg & Berg in 2009 with a vision to create a brand based on classic style and classic quality, but with a Scandinavian, or Nordic, point of view. Berg & Berg started with accessories - ties, scarves and socks - but have gradually developed and is now offering a full clothing collection.


Andreas joined the team in 2016 as Creative Director. He has taken the brand great leaps forward stylistically and has developed a full clothing collection centered around the original vision of a modern, Nordic menswear brand.


Yoda joined the team in early 2019 and is a key person for the organisation. He makes sure your order is packed, shipped and reaches its destination safely. Also in charge of customer service, he answers all your questions and helps you get exactly what you want.


Fabian came to Berg & Berg in late 2019. As Marketing Manager, his mission is to tell the story of what the rest of the team is creating. His job is to make sure that important news about Berg & Berg are getting reached by all our customers around the world.