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The Company

We are a modern brand for the modern menswear customer. Although we respect tradition we have always been more interested in the future of menswear than its past.

The Company

Berg & Berg is a Scandinavian mens clothing brand established in 2009. The purpose of our company is to offer clothes and accessories inspired by the rich heritage of classic style, but adapted to a modern customer.

We are a company that cares. About the quality and design of our products, about our customers and the people who make the products. We care about the customer experience from start to finish - we want our customer to see that we are a small dedicated team, not a large faceless corporation.

We were founded in Oslo, Norway in 2009, and moved the business to Stockholm, Sweden in 2012, where we are headquartered in an old fire station. We are a family business, founded and funded by Karin and Mathias Berg, and have no external investors. Rather than focusing on financial growth, we can prioritize what we love - making products that we enjoy and will wear ourselves for many years to come.

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