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The Guitar Hero

Singer/songwriter, guitar collector, watch trader and style enthusiast. The Swedish Londoner Axel Jansson has many passions and a collection of electric and acoustic guitars that makes our chin drop. A sunny February morning, we sat down in Stockholm to discuss music, watches and dreams of what to do when the world gets back to normal.
The Guitar Hero

Tell us more about yourself.

"I’m a 30 year old father to be. Been living in London for most of my adult life and now splitting my time between Stockholm and London (under non pandemic circumstances). I’m lucky enough to be working with two of my biggest passions in life, music and vintage watches."

You seem to have an impressive guitar collection. Is it possible to have too many guitars?

"I’ve definitely got a collectors vein and I’m always on the hunt. I’m probably the wrong guy to answer this question, but in my opinion the simple answer is no! Being a songwriter they are also tools for me. They are to me what a colour palette is to a painter. I tend to collect vintage guitars that have been used and loved over the years. Imagine the life a beaten up 60’s Fender Stratocaster has lived."


Besides the guitars, your passion for vintage watches has not passed us by. What's so fascinating about watches?

"There’s nothing more rewarding than hunting down vintage tool watches that have been a part of someone's everyday life and have an aesthetic that reflects that. I like watches that have been worn and that have developed attractive patina. It can be everything from a nicely faded diving bezel, to lume dots that have turned to a warm custard colour or a black dial turning brown. Match that with a gorgeous handmade calf strap and you have something you can’t find in today’s watch catalogs."



When the world is back to normal, what’s the first thing you’ll do? What are you longing for most?

"The first thing I’ll do is to get married in the south of France. We already had to move it twice, so third time’s the charm! It will be a small wedding with our closest friends and family. Then getting my London life back is something I’m dying for."


Any new music coming up soon? Are you working on something special at the moment?

"It’s been difficult planning any sort of music releases this year. But I’m finishing up an album back in the UK that will come out in the near future. Hopefully something that I’ll get to tour with as well if the world goes back to normal. I’m also involved in some interesting songwriting projects here in Sweden that are coming along nicely. I’m lucky to stay busy and the future looks bright!"

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