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Fabric Guide: Organic Cotton

Soft, silky and airy. Our knitted polos and t-shirts are crafted from organic Egyptian cotton.
Fabric Guide: Organic Cotton

"We wanted a long staple cotton that performs well in warm weather, but gives a rich and soft feel. For our long and short sleeve polos as well as knitted t-shirts this is an ideal yarn which gives us the look and feel we want," Andreas Larsson, Berg & Berg creative director says.

"It was important for us to find a cotton yarn that performs well and is easy to wear. Fabrics made of long-staple cottons fray less, pill less, wrinkle less, and even fade less than fabrics made with their short-staple counterparts. The longer the cotton fiber, the better the resulting fabric performs," Larsson says.


In addition to being an excellent cotton yarn for stylistic and quality reasons, the long staple organic cotton is woven with sustainability in mind.

"The yarn is part of the «Cottonforlife project», an initiative that supports and promotes the cultivation of Egyptian organic cotton, helps build an eco-friendly and socially responsible textile industry and promotes sustainable fashion," Larsson says.

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