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Fabric Guide: High Twist Wool

Our open weave high twist wool is the ideal fabric for formal trousers and tailoring during spring and summer.
Fabric Guide: High Twist Wool

In cooperation with a reputable mill in Yorkshire, England, we have created an airy wool cloth for the warmer months. The mid weight worsted wool fabric is woven from two fold yarns and has an open weave structure which gives this fabric great breathability. 

"I particularly like that it is airy but not particularly light. A lot of summer fabrics feel flimsy, this feels substantial and drapes well, but the open weave makes it a joy to wear during warmer weather. However, at 320g, this wool also works well during spring and fall," Andreas Larsson, Berg & Berg creative director says.


The high twisted yarn gives the fabric great crease resisting properties, and keeps a newly pressed look for several wears. The texture and weave also make the fabric durable, and it is less likely to develop shiny areas than many other wools.

"The fabric comes in four easy to wear colours - navy, mid grey, taupe and chocolate. Our high twist trousers are available in the pleated Arnold model and the wider, double pleated Antonio model. Matching jackets will be available, so that the trousers can be worn as part of a full suit," Larsson adds.

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